Hard Revenge Milly

Gore/Blood: 7

Plot: 3

Sense of Justification: 9.5

With a short run time of 48 minutes its easy to fit into any evening.  Its straight to the point and does not mess up the plot with a lot of filler like extensive back stories or character development.  Its bloody and gruesome and everything I love about revenge stories.  Its “Hard Revenge Milly”!

First let me say that any movie that takes place in the future year of 20XX has all the promise of a Christmas present with shiny wrapping paper.  We are introduced to Milly slicing a man in half with her folding sword attached to her arm, and are told the idea of the movie-its a classic “man-loses-everything-and-seeks-revenge-with-nothing-to-lose” story with one twist…the man is a sexy woman!  She quickly recaps how her life was great until her family was killed before her eyes, and now she lives only to kill the evil (and really crazy) Jack Brothers who are responsible.

Now, Milly is not your ordinary woman whose family was butchered and dreams of slaughtering gangsters.  She has a couple of pleasant surprises that are the result of the implied surgery to save her life when she was butchered with her family, one of which is her leg that doubles as a shotgun!  With a series of kicks she can reload, and with her devastating knees to the midsection she can cause some serious damage.

Shotgun leg to the midsection!

Another fun altercation to her body is hidden under the black trenchcoat that she wears throughout the whole movie, and I would spoil what it is, but it is the big puffy bow that wraps this gift of a movie up.  Curious?  I’ll give you a hint:  It slices, dices, and makes julian fries (what the hell are julian fries?).

If you are in the mood for a short flick that has some good blood-splats and doesn’t make you think too hard, or at all, then just pick this little beauty up and enjoy!

If you know of any bad movies that I should watch, then let me know what they are and I’ll get right on it!

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One Response to Hard Revenge Milly

  1. fish says:

    Shotgun leg?! Kinda like Planet Terror? Ridiculous.

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