Puppet Master

Creepy Puppets: 7/10

Psychic Powers: 6/10

Puppet POV Camera Manuevers: 10/10

Some things in this world are inherently creepy: dark alleys, basements, babies, etc…  Some people in this world, like mimes/clowns/televangelists, also carry around a special kind of creepiness that makes me want to tell them to stay back at least fifty paces(or fifty fake rope pulls in the mime’s case).  There are few times when creepy people combine with creepy things to be super-creepy, but puppet masters and puppets would definitely fall into that category, like the movie “Puppet Master”.

I’ll say it right off the bat: I was expecting more.  It was unnerving, sure, but it could have been downright unsettling with a little more time and effort put into the puppet parts(much like puppeteering itself).  An old man decides to give life to some puppets that he has made, and then locks them in a box and kills himself.  That’s how it starts.  Cut to present day where a group of people with mildly impressive psychic abilities have been called to attend the funeral of an old friend that they hate.  Big surprise when things start to go not so great.

With liberal use of scurrying shadows and puppet POV shots, we quickly realize that these people are in for a rough night, but they don’t seem to have a clue.  Even a dead body showing up in random chairs and horrific psychic flashes that have no bearing on plot barely phase them as they settle in for the night to their various devices.  The puppets, now having no master and resorting to the only way of life they know, murder, run around and make quick work of the house guests, using various methods of mayhem.  While one puppet prefers sneaky back attacks with a knife, another will jump on you and then just punch you in the face(he was my favorite).

What a nice, old, crazy man...

With everyone dying and one psychic remaining, the thrilling conclusion approaches to reveal that the mastermind behind the puppets is….the dead guy!  No, not the cool old guy that made the puppets, but the dead jerk friend the psychics came to see.  He seems to have killed himself and then brought himself back to life, and somehow the puppets were involved, but I don’t know just how.  He explains his master plan to live forever, and soon starts a rampage to kill the remaining psychic (who just seems to be an all-around good guy) and his widowed wife before they cause any problems.  The puppets object for some reason, and soon its an all-out brawl between good people, evil people, and puppets, resulting in the end of sense as we know it.

The main draw here is the puppet pack, each one with its own little personality and way to kill you.  They are adorable and deadly, cute and ferocious, and each a touch crazy.  Way to make me fear my Big Boy piggybank, movie!

And another one bites the dust, thanks to Goose.  Any movie you think I’d like to see, let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

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