Black Dynamite

Black Stereotypes: 10/10

Kung-Fu Treachery: 9/10

Badass-ness: 10/10

Let me start off by saying that I love this movie.  It is genius from start to finish.  The lineage of blaxploitation movies made a big splash in the film industry over the years, creating such pop icons as Shaft, and I’m sure some others….This film is dedicated to that great tradition, introducing the world to the baddest motha who ever lived-“Black Dynamite”(Michael Jai White, also known for his role as Spawn!).

Someone has gone and done the foolish thing of killing Black Dynamite’s little brother, Jimmy, whom he promised his Mama on her death-bed that he would keep safe.  Leaving the company of his bitches, Black Dynamite shoves his foot right up the tail pipe of the city’s dark underbelly trying to find the killer.  Since no one can defeat his Kung-Fu(I told you never to interrupt my Kung-Fu!), he leaves a path of destruction in his wake, getting clues that his brother was working undercover, and was set up by the Police to get taken out.  This will not stand!

As a side project, Black Dynamite stops crime.  All of it.  He cleans the streets, and has time to get it on with a sexy revolutionist who fears the Government is plotting something wicked.  The drug dealers that Black Dynamite foiled were all transporting the new Anaconda Malt Liquor, but what could that have to do with black people and the government?  It should be pretty obvious, after listening to Black Dynamite explain with his incredibly complex and deductive thought process, that this malt liquor will shrink your dink without a blink!  Who would want to do this to black people?  The Man, that’s who.

Black Dynamite Tiger Claw technique! Flawless!

Only one man could produce a drug like that, and that man is the sinister Master Wu, kung-fu great and full on bad guy.  Black Dynamite infiltrates his secret island fortress and delivers a well placed karate chop to his illegal operation.  They face one-on-one, and even though Master Wu has Kung-Fu Treachery on his side, Black Dynamite has the element of surprise(and the best line in any movie I’ve ever heard)!  Master Wu is defeated, and gives up the name of the guy behind it all, the evil mastermind who is pulling all of the strings: Richard Nixon.

Black Dynamite busts into Tricky Dick’s office and engages him in a righteous nunchuck battle.  Funk/soul win out over greed/whiteness, and Black Dynamite is left to stand tall and proud, while Nixon cries in the corner.  With a farewell salute and an “I’ll Be There” speech, the credits roll up and the funk continues as each credit is killed by an animated B.D. 

There are too many good things to say about this movie, you’ll have to see it for yourself.  The music follows the story, the story follows the fighting, the fighting follows Black Dynamite wherever he goes…And don’t even get me started on the script.  Perfect.  That’s it, that’s the word.  Perfect.

Send me your suggestions!  I’d love to watch them.

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