Black Sheep

Sheeple(Sheep People): 9/10

Bestiality: 5/10

Chris Farley: 0/10


Me: “Hey, I’m watching another bad movie for my reviews.”

Anyone Else: “That’s awesome!  What movie?”(yeah, everyone thinks its awesome)

Me: “Black Sheep”

Anyone Else: “That movie is sweet! I love Chris Farley!”

Me:  “No, this is the one with killer sheep by the same title….”

Anyone Else: “Oh, well, the one with Chris Farley is sweet!”

Me: “…………….”

How did I go from Rat People to Sheep People(hereafter referred to as ‘sheeple’) in one week?  In this comedy/horror export from New Zealand, an agricultural scientist is working on creating a genetically superior sheep(using his own DNA!), and things get slightly out of hand.  Our hero, Henry, returns home after 15 years to sell his share of the family sheep farm to his brother(the scientist).  Henry has developed an irrational fear of sheep, and wants nothing more to do with the country lifestyle.  His brother, ever the entrepeneur, is more than happy to take over completely and push the farm into the 21st century.

This includes experimenting on sheep in order to create a fluffier and more profitable species.  The bi-product happens to be several canisters of mutant sheep that need to be disposed of in a hole they have dug in a field(I swear, they just dug a hole…).  When some animal rights activists(don’t get me started on THOSE jackasses…) steal a canister, they unwittingly unleash a plague as the mutant sheep attacks them.  The local sheep become infected and get the blood lust, and the humans that are infected become….sheeple.  It doesn’t take long until the entire area is overrun with crazed sheep and bloody sheeple, devouring everything in their path.

The guy looked like a goat before he was bitten....

Henry, joined by one of the activists and a farm hand, discovers his brother’s lab and decides to set things right.  He tries to make his brother see the error of his ways, but Angus would much rather boink sheep than do the right thing.  The farm hand gets bitten and begins the transformation into a sheeple, but they are able to discover the formula to reverse the process, and realize that there is still hope.  Angus dies giving himself to a herd of angry sheep(giving his most tender bits and pieces first…), and Henry and Co. clean up the mess, curing who they can and leaving the rest.  Henry has finally overcome his fear of sheep, and decides that he can finally come back to the farm.  He’s going to make his dead father proud.

By the time I was done with this movie I didn’t want to see another sheep for a while.  Also, there is something deeply disturbing about a sheep intestines.  I have to hand it to the effects guys, though.  The blood and gore in here was really well done, in terms of the color and consistency of the blood.  It almost seems a little too real when you’re watching it.  Anyway, this was a cheap and easy one, perfect for a background movie if no one will be paying attention to it except for the random gross-out scenes.

Thanks to Carlo for the suggestion, I appreciate the “people-becoming-animals” kick you’re trying to get me on.  Keep those suggestions coming!

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3 Responses to Black Sheep

  1. Michele says:

    I owned this movie until I watched it once, then I promptly sold it to Zia’s.

  2. Anonymous says:

    fuck yo guys

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