Vicious Lips

80’s Hair: 10/10

Space Monsters: 2/10

Generic 80’s Synth Rock: 9/10

I was hoping for something really good to follow “Purple Rain” with, since I feel I did really well on that one.  I even patted myself on the back and drank a congratulatory beer(I was going to drink it anyway, but it became a congratulatory beer).  Instead of trying to out-do myself, I decided to watch the campy-sounding “Vicious Lips”, about an all-girl space-band that is desperately trying to get to a gig across the galaxy at the famous Radioactive Dream club.  Needless to say, it was a big let down, but I’ll still give it a whirl.  Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot of potential here, but it just didn’t have the goods…

The Vicious Lips, an up-and-coming rock group, have just lost their lead singer to another band.  The timing couldn’t be worse, though, since the band has been given the chance of a lifetime–to perform at the hottest nightclub in the galaxy, the Radioactive Dream!  Their manager, Matty, has to scramble to find a new lead singer if they are to make that gig, and that’s when he stumbles across Judy Jetson(seriously) at a highschool talent show.  She seems very innocent, but she has a voice that just might work!

Accepting the chance to perform professionally, Judy also allows her name to be changed to Ace Lucas, the name of the former lead singer.  She gets a wicked make-over, and transforms from plain-jane to rocked-out front-woman, somehow knowing all the songs instantly(it’s an 80’s movie, they didn’t need to explain).  Looks like the band is ready to head out for their big shot, as long as Matty can “find” a starship, hopefully one with the keys still in the ignition…

Welcome to the future of fashion.

 Once aboard, they attempt to take a shortcut through the “Forbidden one”, and end up (of course) crash landing on a seemingly deserted planet.  The ship is badly damaged, the communicator is broken(the equivalent to no signal, I’d imagine), and the girls are all starting to get on each other’s nerves.  It seems Judy has a plan to take another job, which doesn’t sit well with the other girls(who have openly admitted trying to replace her, anyway), and worst of all: they might miss their dream gig.  What’s the plan?

Matty goes out into the desert planet to find help, leaving the girls to fend for themselves.  While he’s gone, some zombie-alien-monster things come out of the sand and invade the ship, forcing the girls to band together in order to survive.  One-by-one, the girls get picked off and become zombie-alien-monster things as well, leaving only Judy to regret her selfishness and desire for fame.  She starts to cry, only to be awoken at the Radioactive Dream, to discover that the whole thing had been a crazy nightmare(I’m not sure where the nightmare started, but it was pre-makeover).  They play the gig, nail it, and become an overnight sensation.  The movie fades out on an excellently bad 80’s synth-rock ballad.

I really thought there would be more aliens, more strange planets, more craziness in general.  The instruments and laser lights were right on, but everything else seemed to drag.  The majority of the movie takes place on the broken ship, so there isn’t a lot of variation, besides the different rooms on the ship(one in particular has sheets hanging everywhere?).  I have to say I liked the music, since it was so bad but so good, just the right amount of cheese.  Probably not a movie I’ll ever suggest, but one of the rare movies dealing with space-bands, so I gotta love it.

Until next time, guys and dolls, keep watching the baddies!

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