Pushed To The Limit

Soundtrack: 1/10

Script: 1/10

Good Old Fashioned Bad Movie: 10/10

It’s time to return back to my roots, back to the movies that are just terrible for the sake of being terrible.  What could be better than a movie from the early 90’s that stars all of the most unrecognizable pro-wrestlers of the era?  The movie, Bloodsport, that’s what.  Since I have to watch new things to keep my horizons open, though, I watched Pushed To The Limit, a movie that wishes it was Bloodsport in almost every way. 

We get to see former pro-wrestler Mimi Lesseos star as Mimi, the pro-wrestler.  It’s a stretch, but she somehow pulls off the scenes where she has to wrestle with minimal problems.  Well, guess what, Magnificent Mimi?  Your brother is addicted to coke and has a serious problem controlling his stupid mouth when dangerous gangsters are around.  He tries to sneak a little coke(you never take your own product…)and gets caught, then tries to hide out in the warehouse where he made the drug deals(smart one).  He gets a few new holes to the chest, and Mimi is left devastated.

When she discovers that a dangerous mob boss is responsible for the death of her brother, she vows revenge and seeks to bring down Mr. Lee(Kenshin from TMNT 3(not the bad guy from Karate Kid 2(thanks Keno(parentheses madness!)))).  He holds the Kumite in the basement of his club, a martial arts tournament to the death.  If she enters it, then she can get to Mr. Lee(I’m not really sure this plan made any sense…she could only fight in the women’s division, and Mr. Lee didn’t fight in them anyway…).  She seeks training from a local spiritual leader and kung-fu master, whose name I forget but looked a lot like Nelson Mandela, and wins him over by announcing, “I’ve been pushed to the limit!”……………..awesome!  Once again, this phenomenon makes bad movies so much better!

One hand is holding a bowling ball, the other is attached to a balloon.....

She trains and trains, probably in one of the worst montages I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching, and eventually is ready to face the Kumite, and Mr. Lee’s amazon female bodyguard, Inga.  She fights and wins, fights and win, fights and wins, and makes it to the finals, where Inga eagerly awaits(she just killed Mimi’s best friend in the last match by breaking her spine and neck…double-dead!).  If anybody hasn’t figured out that Mimi wins yet, I’m sorry but you might have a learning disability.  Mimi goes after Mr. Lee when once Inga is down, gives him some knuckle sammiches(misspelled for effect!), and throws him to the mat.  In a fit of confusion, Inga snaps Mr. Lee’s neck, and the cops burst in a take everyone away.  Mimi and Mr. Mandela tipped them off about Mr. Lee’s drug-running, and now justice is going to be served…to the limit!

All around bad movie, but exactly what I expected from the cover art.  I was surprised at how much I kept thinking about Bloodsport(as you can probably tell), though I guess this one did have a few fun differences.  The soundtrack sounds like the intro to a campy southern soap opera, and the acting is so terrible at times that you can’t help but smile.  Inga is a female version of the bad guy from Bloodsport, even using the same kill-move and finishing stance.  Basically, I’m going to go watch Bloodsport….

Until we meet again, keep your eyes on the prize!

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3 Responses to Pushed To The Limit

  1. Keno says:

    This movie was so-so and I watched it mainly to see the women get down and dirty in catfight kickboxing style brawls.

    Oh a word of note…the guy that played Mr. Lee was not played by Yuji Okumoto (the guy that played Chozen in Karate Kid 2). The guy that played Lee was Henry Hayashi (he played Kenshin in Turtles III: Turtles in Time).

    • kurosword says:

      Thank you sir, you are right! I have to offer my sincerest approval that you were 1) able to make it through this movie, and 2) pay attention enough to correct me on a casting call. I’ll make the correction, and hope you come back to review my reviews in the future. Rock on.

      Oh, and I’m just going to go ahead and assume that you are Ernie Reyes Jr.

      • Ali says:

        Joanna – Very Cute Theresa, Thankyou again for taking the time to do our pohots! You don’t know how great it is to have these done. Owen changes every day and I will never get these moments back so to me these pictures are priceless! I look forward to seeing the rest of them. This is the best mother’s day gift to myself!!!

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