Special Post #50-Hard Revenge, Milly: Bloody Battle

Hard Revenge: 8/10

Milly’s Hair: 10/10

Weaponry: 9/10

Welcome to my 50th post!  It’s been a long road filled with bad movies and sleepless nights, but I’ve made it here, and I don’t intend to stop any time soon(I’m coming for you, #100, and I will make you my bitch).  In honor of this momentous occasion, I watched the sequel to my first review on this blog, Hard Revenge Milly.  Sharing the same name, this one skips the traditional “2” given to sequels and simply adds the phrase “Bloody Battle” on the end, to signify things to come.  Well, when the first one was so intense, the sequel had much to live up to….and it succeeded in kicking an obnoxious amount of ass(with gusto).

Quick Recap:  Milly’s family was brutally murdered, and she was left for dead.  She is saved when her body is infused with cyborg parts, and she sets out to get revenge on her family’s murderers.  She succeeds very much.

When we find Milly, she is wandering aimlessly through the wastelands of a futuristic Japan, sometime in the year 20XX(Twenty Exty-Ex!).  Her hair is still remarkably perfect, and her hands are still remarkably deadly.  She comes across a young girl who has been ambushed in an old building, and saves her from a hoard of roaming bad guys.  She takes the strange girl to a doctor, and is surprised to learn that the girl has a similar story to her own: Her lover was killed, and she wants to find the killer and get revenge.  The girl wants to hire Milly to do the job, but Milly can’t accept the request for her own mysterious reasons.  She does, however, agree to train the girl, name Haru, to kill.

Meanwhile, in another part of the futuristic desert wasteland, a maniac is on Milly’s trail.  He wants revenge(it’s like a theme…isn’t it?) for the death of his gay lover, Jack(main bad guy from the first movie).  He tracks Milly down to her training session with her young student, and a battle begins!  Milly wastes no time showing off all of her unique skills(shot-gun leg, super strength, chest blades), but she is still caught off guard by the angry psychopath.  He rips her chest device out with his cybernetic arm and cuts off her arm, but before he can finish the job, mall security shows up and scares him off.  He manages to kidnap Haru, and things look very bad.


I saw Milly drinking a Pina Colada at Trader Vics....her hair was perfect.


When Milly gets brought back to life by her doctor friend, she finds that she has a new arm and a fixed chest, though her chest device no longer works(frown).  She asks if she has a mechanical brain, but the doctor laughs it off and sends heron her way.  She sets out to find Haru, and finish this once and for all, but first she picks up some fun new toys.  My favorite of these, and a pure joy to see brought to life, would be the Gun-Chucks(I wanted to call them “nunchuck guns”, but my friend Carlo said that those sounded like guns that shot out spinning nunchucks…).  Surrounded on all sides, Milly pulls out her skills in the field of “chucking”(shout out to Michelangelo) while bullets are being fired from the ends of the nunchucks she is using.  It is breathtakingly beautiful and awesome.

The big reveal comes when the psychopath, Ikki, tells Milly that Haru’s lover was one of the men in Jack’s gang that Milly killed.  Thus, Haru has been unknowingly looking for Milly all this time.  Guess what?  Milly has known all along, and has been training Haru in hopes that one day she will take her revenge and end Milly’s life.  Amazing.  Milly fights Ikki and demonstrates her brand new robot arm, complete with rocket-launching capabilities.  How do I put this?  She knocks his f**king block off.  Once he has been dispensed, Milly tries to goad Haru into getting her revenge, but Haru cannot.  Milly tells her that she will always be ready for when Haru wants to grow a pair, and struts off like the bad-ass and beautiful nut-buster that she is.

Take the first one and give it steroids, crack, speed, and red meat, and that is how much more intense this sequel feels.  I loved everything about it from the well-choreographed fight scenes to the improved character developement.  A big problem with sequels comes when the characters are turned in to caricatures of themselves, but this stays true to and improves upon the source material.  The addition of another hot fighting girl is also a plus, though.  Watch the first movie if only to pleasure yourself(teehee) with this cinematic sex-bomb.

50!  I did it!  Thank you to all my friends that support this little hobby of mine, and thanks to all the free publicity I get when you all post these to your respective social media networks.  Here’s to another 50, and to all the bad movies I still have to watch!  Let’s go kick some ass.


Bonus Pic: This is the only clue that maybe Milly does have a mechanical brain....check the x-ray reflection!



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