Demons: 5/10

Backgrounds: 1/10

Fun Plot Devices: 9/10

As I was sitting at home trying to talk myself out of being sick(it didn’t work), I decided to go to my Netflix queue and look at all the movies that I have added at random points for random reasons.  I remember adding this movie, Lo, because it dealt with a man who was going to chase after the demons who killed his girlfriend.  Simple and basic premise, I thought, until I watched the movie and realized that it has the worst description ever.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved this movie, partly BECAUSE I had no idea what was going on at first, but I was still upset with such a poor synopsis.  So here’s a better one.

Justin, our main character, seems to be setting up some kind of spell.  He is seated in the center of a pentagram, surrounded by candles, with a strange book in front of him.  The background is complete darkness as he says some kind of incantation, summoning the demon Lo to come crawling in from the abyss.  Lo, who is not what you would call a “people person”(or “people demon”…..), is at first furious for being summoned to perform such a mundane task: finding Justin’s girlfriend who was taken in the night by another demon.  After some sarcastic comments and a string of threats, Lo agrees to help(in his own special way) with the search, provided Justin can give him some information about the girl.

Justin, trying to think of how he met is girlfriend, is surprised when Lo is able to project his memories into the blackness, showing them in a stage-type manner(its hard to describe but really interesting).  We finally see April, the girl of his dreams, who randomly approaches him in a restaurant and sits down.  She has a strange black case that contains some kind of book, and she seems blissfully ignorant of the world.  As Justin watches this flashback, Lo is replaced by another demon, Jeez.  Fun Fact: Jeez is the demon who took April away, and slashed Justin across the chest for his trouble.  Jeez reveals (in song, by the by) that April is actually the strongest and most talented demon to ever come out of Hell and kill people.  She eventually felt something was missing and decided to settle down, finding Justin and loving his accepting nature.

Looks like I have everything I need for my evil incantation!

Justin can’t handle the truth, and has to be shown a variety of situations that back up the claim that April is the #1 killer demon of all time.  He finally sees the night she was taken, and how she agreed to go with Jeez as long as Justin was allowed to live.  She leaves him the book she had in her case(the magic book), and goes off into the night.  Our present day Justin gets fed up with all of the tricks and traps that Lo keeps trying to use on him, and finally demands that Lo crawl off and bring back April, no matter what the cost.  As Lo slinks off, Justin loses consciousness briefly, only to be awakened by none other than April.  She explains that he can’t stay with her, and she can’t go with him, so the best thing for him to do is to leave and burn the book(only mortals can destroy the book!).  He refuses, and she has to be firm, letting him know that there is no other way.  As she crawls away, it is revealed that she and Lo are actually the same demon!  The entire time she has been trying to convince Justin to leave her alone, as only a demon would know how to do.  He finally gets it through his skull, and has a little fire to celebrate his bachelorhood.

I have to admit, I didn’t see it coming in the end.  It was a nice twist that brought everything together, though it takes a little bit of thought to figure out why.  The entire movie is almost a simple conversational play(that’s exactly what it is), and the plot gets revealed in very interesting ways as a result.  Justin, never moving from the pentagram, has conversations with various demons, himself, and his hand(it sounded lamer once I wrote it down…), all the while struggling to keep his sanity and focus on his goal.  The effects weren’t great, but in the style of the theatre, I though this was an excellent example of how to turn a low-budget project into a class act all the way.  Do yourself a favor and check this out, its worth 80 minutes of your life.

Brought to you by Bob’s Bad Movie Blog.  Keep Watching, Keep Shining!

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5 Responses to Lo

  1. john emerson kuhn says:

    Lo is the shit! As a theatre artist I was very impressed by this film project and wish there was more like it! I agree with everything you’ve said here about it Bob, and I give you extra super cool flash points for using the phrase “by the by” – I thought I was the only person to do so, and no one ever comments on my use of it.

    • kurosword says:

      Thanks John! You obviously have amazing taste in movies and filler phrases! Thanks for stopping by and making Bob’s Bad Movie Blog that much more badass!

    • Melissa says:

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  2. Kurogami says:

    Lo est un film que j’ai vraiment aimé … même si je n’ai tout compris des conversation car je ne parle pas vraiment anglais ^^ mais cela ne ma pas empêché de comprendre l’intrigue du film et d’apprécié sont originalité et puis j’ai trouvé que Lo le démon était plutôt cool et je ne m’attendais pas du tout a ce qu’il soit en fait la fille …. XD

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