Bad Movie Badasses

What is a bad movie badass?  Who is a bad movie badass?  I know that these are burning questions, but there is no easy answer.  In order to qualify for this specific honor, you do have to appear in bad movies, but that isn’t enough.  You do have to make a movie infinitely better with your presence, but that isn’t all.  You do have to be memorable and forgettable at the same time, but it goes beyond that.  There is an X factor, a certain je ne sais quoi (four years of French finally paid off) that boosts you in to the badass-osphere, and these guys have it.

Michael Berryman

Best Known For: The Hills Have Eyes

Most Shocking Feature: All of his features

Badass Fun Fact: Avid Motorcyclist

Michael Berryman has the kind of face that you would likely see in some distorted dream that scares the crap out of you.  Thanks to this, he has become a recognizable star in the horror film genre, popping up here and there to add just that extra touch of fright to random films such as Wierd Science, The Devil’s Rejects, and even The X-Files.  He has a condition called Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia, which gives him his signature look, and means that he has no sweat glands, hair, fingernails, or teeth. I would say that he suffered from it, but he has been able to turn it in to a career.  That’s called taking lemons and making some badass lemonade.

Michael Berryman = Optimistic Badass

Ed Gale

Best Known For: Howard the Duck

Size: Fun Sized

Badass Fun Fact: Played “Station” in Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

Little is known about this little actor, but I have a couple of key points.  I know he’s from Michigan, my home state, so that’s awesome, and I know he shows up in just about everything if you look.  Films that have been graced with his presence include Spaceballs, Child’s Play, and O Brother Where Art Thou, where he has played a wide array of characters both in and out of costume.  He considers himself a working actor, and has no diluted ideas of grandeur in the Hollywood spotlight.  It is his work while in complete costume that I admire the most, since it is difficult being a physical actor, and many of his costumes have limited mobility and almost zero visibility.  Badass things come in small packages.

Ed Gale = Humble Badass

Jeffrey Combs

Best Known For: Re-Animator

Acting Style: Creepy

Badass Fun Fact: Played 3 different characters in a single season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

What can I say about Jeffrey Combs that his eyes don’t already scream?  The man is a genius when it comes to playing the sinister and unhinged, whether he be in space or some back woods.  Personally, my favorite role that he ever did was in The Frighteners, but seeing him in anything is just a real pleasure.  He has a large amount of professional training, and yet has truly set himself apart from other actors with his unique presence, which can only be described as all of the words that I have used so far to describe it.  He is fully aware of his appeal, and uses it with deadly proficiency in any role that he takes on.  Truly, no one knows the badass depth of his talent.

Jeffrey Combs = Talented Badass

Mark Hamill

Best Known For: Seriously?  As if you didn’t know…

Versatility: Very……verse.

Badass Fun Fact: Practices the “Joker laugh” while driving in his car alone.

Some of you may disagree with my choice to add Mark Hamill to my list of Bad Movie Badasses, but those of you that do are dumbasses.  Mark Hamill is almost the definition of a Bad Movie Badass, popping up in random movies like a weed and making them that much more awesome.  True, Star Wars can never be called a bad movie (I’m a nerd at heart), but Mark Hamill has done almost everything in his power to make us believe that his role as Luke Skywalker was nothing more than a fluke.  However, even when people began to treat his movie career like a radioactive dangerzone, Mr. Hamill turned a frown upside down and used his tremendous voice to bring some of the greatest cartoon villains to life.  Hey, voice acting has to be easier than shooting womprats…

Mark Hamill = Famous Badass

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